Edge of Glory Knife sharpners

Nashville, Tennessee 0 comments

March 28th 2012

The sharpner maybe good but their site is a ripp off. They have a drop down box that says either special offer two edge of glories AND 2 sets of 3 knives. The other option is 1 edge of glory and 1 set of three knives. I thought I had hit first box and a receipt came back at 6.99 with no description. I thought well it is a special.Today I received 3 knives that is it. I called their customer service and I get sorry I can return it [I pay SH] and order from them. I said NO I only had choice of 2 items please just send the sharpner. No they can not do that. WHY? Finally asked for a supervisor and got disconnected. Well like a fool I went back on line this time made sure I picked first option and Voila same thing 6.99 no description. I call them back and tell them that site is rigged. They will give me 5 dollar discount and I say but I am still out 2 dollars. Well I should have called and ordered and I said I want that site reported and I want to talk to a supervisor. I was disconnected. Is there someone to report this FRAUD too? My husband just wanted the knife sharpner but now I have to wait to cancel 2nd order which I am sure is 3 more knives. If anyone knows who to report this too it would be appreciated!

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